Mini Thins Ephedrine On Sale Again

Mini Thins Ephedrine On Sale Again

Oh yea baby! Not so many years ago, a great product was taken away from people who really need it. Mini Thin Ephedrine pills were basically made illegal because a few people were buying the product and using it to make methamphetamine. While meth is a terrible drug, it is time to stop punishing millions of good people for what a tiny amount of bad people do.

Well thankfully one of these products that have been made illegal is now available again, at it’s full strength, and same formula. MiniThin ephedrine is back and available to purchase online. Now some states still do not allow ephedrine sales and Live Lean Today, must comply with state laws and federal laws. They are reguired to collect a copy of a photo ID, a customer information sheet and report all sales to the DEA.

This adds hours and hours of wasted work hours to businesses but it is worth it to get a great supplement like this back on the market. Ephedrine is a fantastic bronchodilator, and has been used safely for decades, for those who suffer from bronchitis and shortness of breath.

In the past ephedrine has been used as an effective weight loss product, and though it is very effective in burning fat, controlling appetite, and increasing metabolism, these were not the purposes the product was intended for.

So back to the good news of Ephedrine Mini Thins being available again. The brand name MiniThins changed their formula when they were forced to stop using ephedrine in the product and changed to a caffeine based synephrine based supplement which is very good but not as a bronchial dialator. Ephedrine is the best product OTC for this medical problem.

Mini Thins can now be purchased as Ephed Ephedrine, but as mentioned early there are restrictions on order size quantities and total amounts per month.